Grace Industries was contracted to construct a 6,700 linear foot flood wall around the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant in East Rockaway, New York to protect against storms like Superstorm Sandy. The wall consists of a subterranean slurry wall extending 25 feet below sea level, as well as a combination of concrete walls and earthen levee berms that reach 17 feet above sea level. Grace self-performed the concrete and earth work for the flood protection wall, installed all of the new drainage in the plant (designed to prevent backflow during a flood), and restored the overflow channel that protects the plant from overloading if the sewage plant’s facilities fail. In addition to the flood wall, the scope of work included the demolition and restoration of three parks adjacent to the plant, including two turf fields, basketball, handball, volleyball, and tennis courts, and a dog walk park. The work also included replacing and upgrading many of the underground utilities, servicing the plant and surrounding community.