Electrical Testing & Maintenance

At the Haugland Group, our team of engineers provide the testing, commissioning and preventative maintenance services critical to safe, reliable electrical systems operation for businesses, at substations, and on power lines, as well as electrical engineering design and support services. Our technicians and management teams are guaranteed to be current with the latest training, procedures and equipment, allowing us to maintain the highest level of electrical systems reliability, performance and maintenance.

Haugland Energy provides testing and commissioning services to utilities and generator owners for their protection and control projects. On a typical project, our knowledge of transmission, distribution and generation systems enables us to develop and execute plans that work under customers’ tight outage schedules and requirements. Our capacities include reviewing design drawings, development and execution of test plans, providing technical direction to the electrical contractor or in-house wire-men, and performing final in-service checks when bringing the equipment online for the first time.

Haugland Energy provides proactive and cost-effective maintenance services to ensure proper operation of all aspects of electric power transmission, distribution and generation systems. We work on an individual or system-wide basis, with services that include equipment inspection, repair and replacement, facility upkeep, and emergency restoration. Our experienced technicians can help avoid outage and unnecessary damage, and ensure optimal performance of electrical transmission, distribution and generation systems, substations and switch yards.

Our partnership-driven approach and technical expertise are among the reasons why our clients trust us to help them with their circuit protection needs. We offer the industry’s broadest and deepest portfolio of products, and are not biased toward a particular technology. Our team investigates the problem and will answer questions impartially to identify the right solution for each application. Haugland Energy services the entire electrical line, from high-voltage substations down to the distribution, and drives equipment within facilities.

Services Available