Offshore Wind

Haugland Group, and affiliates Haugland Energy and Grace Industries, are committed to supporting offshore wind and establishing New York as a leader in the industry. Haugland companies provide a full suite of infrastructure services, ranging from land and marine cable installation and substation construction to trucking and inland marine logistics. Haugland recently acquired a large facility on the Hudson River at Tomkins Cove, which is strategically located to support fabrication, marshaling and other logistics support for New York offshore wind projects.

With New York construction roots dating back to the 1990s, Haugland is signatory to many IBEW and building trades unions, and has deep expertise in managing complex union labor issues. Haugland also has expertise in sourcing New York-content materials, and managing related supply chains logistics. We have longstanding relationships with a wide range of diversity partners, as well as local government and communities.

Offshore Services

  • Offshore Substation: Turnkey EPC: Cable HV & LV Terminations Transformers, Switch Gear, SCADA, Power Cables Fiber Optic Terminations and Testing Tower Teams Inner-Array Termination Splicing/Jointing
  • Towers: Inner-Array HV Terminations at Each Tower
  • Tomkins Cove (HG Property): Project Staging Intermediate Supply Chain Storage Fabrication and Rail Transportation
  • Ports Services: Marshaling Services Platform Fabrication Facilities Monopole Storage & Transshipment
  • Barge Fleet for Project Equipment and Material Transport
  • Testing Services
  • Transshipment to Placement Vessel
  • Monopole Scouring Protection

Onshore Services

  • Substation: Turnkey EPC
  • Electrical: EPC: Above- and Below-Grade
  • Civil: Substation Duct Banks Foundations Transmission Duct Banks Transition Joint Bay (Manhole) Installation
  • Cable Pull: Capabilities up to 80,000 lbs. Self-Loading Reel Trailers
  • HDD Transition: Trench, Excavation, Backfilling Drilling & Conduit Installation for Shore Approach Landings