Haugland Group’s in-house software development team utilizes the latest tech to creates custom software across all business segments.  These applications help streamline business operations, reduce operating costs, provide scalability, and ensure consistent processes.


Our drone fleet provides Haugland Group the ability to collect, process, and visualize data in an efficient and repeatable manner.  Data is captured quickly, safely, and cost effectively which then allows us to easily track progress, productivity, work quality, and safety.  High resolution 3D maps are created for up-to-date jobsite information.  These 3D models are then compared against designs or past surveys to monitor progress, streamline operations, improve communication, and identify environment or safety concerns.


A partnership with Trimble and Microsoft has allowed Haugland Group to utilize augmented reality in the field.  This technology allows you to view designs (drainage, HVAC, structural, etc.) in 3D in the real world before construction even begins!  Customers can see the design intent on our jobsites and field workers are empowered to make more informed decisions by giving models real-world context.  Nearly every design file type is supported from 2D all the way up to 5D models.