This $200+ million, three-year reliability and resiliency project will further harden the electric grid across Long Island and in the Rockaways. Following Superstorm Sandy, LIPA and National Grid (the previous service provider to LIPA) acquired funds under the FEMA 406 Mitigation program to implement a Hazard Mitigation Program to the LIPA transmission and distribution system. The primary focus of the program is to harden Long Island’s Transmission and Distribution system by upgrading approximately 450 miles of mainline distribution lines. This is an effort to increase resilience to future storm damage, and reduce the number of customers impacted by service interruptions by 20% when storm damage occurs.


Haugland Energy responded to a LIPA/PSEG-LI RFP, and was awarded a contract to perform construction services on the Hazard Mitigation Program relative to:

  • Construction project management and scheduling of construction activities; management and maintenance of a workforce up to 200 Lineman
  • Replacing 15,000 existing mainline distribution utility poles, 6.5 million feet of overhead primary wire, and 500,000 feet of open wire secondary with Triplex
  • Installation, or transfer, when and where designated by a construction package, of insulators, transformers, automated switching units, reclosers, switches, capacitors and regulators, remote terminal units, anchors and risers, grounding provisions, lightening arrestors, and/or any other company attachments
  • Installation, when and where designated by a construction package, of underground services, such as trenching for conduit, directional drilled conduit and primary cable, manholes, primary cable, riser poles and terminations

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