Entergy required replacement of a 345kV setup transformer outside of the power plant. Haugland Energy’s portion of the project included preforming PM’s on four 138kV ground switches and two 138kV disconnect switches, located in the 138kV yard located in the protected area.

Haugland Energy performed the removal and installation of two sets of 345kV bus links in the protected area, as well as preforming PM’s on five 345kV disconnect switches and two 345kV breakers in the Con Ed Buchanan Switchyard. Haugland Energy also performed PM’s on one 138kV breaker and one 138kV disconnect switch in the Buchanan Switchyard.

The work was performed on a 24-hour basis for a period of fifteen days. The project included the electrical testing of the connections, and ductor testing of components. Entergy crews removed the transformer and replaced the unit.