Long Island takes a 924-megawatt step toward inflation proof power with the award of Sunrise Wind. Together with Ørsted and Eversource EnergyHaugland Group LLC will provide opportunities to thousands of Long Islanders to rethink career paths closer to home. Whether joining the construction workforce through union apprenticeship, or college track professionals looking for careers in energy and infrastructure.

Haugland Group will build the onshore component, transporting and distributing the power generated from the offshore wind turbines converting wind into energy.  Powered with local union workforce, while building on-ramps and removing barriers to careers with good wages and benefits.

Sunrise Wind will have a halo effect on local job creation and business opportunities for community and economic development more broadly across Long Island, the Hudson Valley, and the New York metropolitan area.  Haugland Group could not be prouder to be part of this clean energy and grid modernization movement.