When I first started my career, I wanted to be an auto mechanic.  My whole life I have always loved working with my hands. It has always been easy to communicate my thoughts to my hands. My passion for hands-on work led me to trade school where I studied to be an auto mechanic.

A few years down the line I decided to return to school to become an electrician. I found that with my love for detailed work, this trade was perfect for me. I later joined IBEW Local Union 3, through which I heard about Haugland Group. A friend of mine who happens to be a foreman with Haugland informed me there was an open foreman position, which he believed I would excel at.

Throughout my career I have worked for several different companies in the industry. What sets Haugland apart is the multifaceted work they offer; there are many opportunities available working here. My advice to the younger generation would be to take pride in the work you do, as it can be key to a fulfilling and successful career.