During my time in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina I discovered my true passion – assisting individuals in their moments of vulnerability. The significance of storm restoration often goes unnoticed; the absence of power leaves people vulnerable, some without vital medical equipment, some with young children, or those who work from home. Being part of the effort to restore power to these individuals is a truly rewarding experience.

I have been a Project Support Manager here at Haugland Group for the past year. The most fulfilling aspect of my current position revolves around my involvement in the storm restoration team. At Haugland I feel my experience is valued and I am respected as a woman in this industry.

My professional journey began in New Orleans, working for a company specializing in pipelines and infrastructure. I then worked in various roles within energy companies, through which I was introduced to the Haugland Team. Throughout my career I encountered situations where male colleagues underestimated me. However, my time here at Haugland, I have felt embraced and appreciated for my expertise. I am recognized for my assertiveness and strong presence in discussions. My advice to young women looking to break out into this industry is to see yourself as any other employee; Focus on demonstrating your skills and capabilities, and let your work speak for itself.