Growing up I was never much of a student; school did not come easy for me. I’ve always had a knack for tinkering with technology like building computer systems. I tried the traditional college route but when I came to the realization that it wasn’t for me, my father helped me get into IUOE Local 15. I worked my way up from being a rodman to my current position as Surveyor Supervisor.

Now I work a lot with AutoCAD, survey data and map creation. I have always loved technology, and for me that is what makes working at Haugland Group a great fit. Here, they encourage us to pursue the latest and greatest technology. I have decided to go back to school so I can become a professional land surveyor.

Haugland uses drone technology for surveying and have encouraged me to advance my tech skill sets. As a result, I’ve become a drone pilot for the company. I’ve learned the latest regulations, operating requirements, and procedures, all leading to a Certificate. The drones Haugland uses are essential to our work, so the more skills I have, the better we can execute ideas in the field.