After getting a degree in Art History, I would never have imagined I’d be working in the construction industry.  My first job was at a packaging company in an administrative role. I knew this was not going to be permanent for me and that I needed something more fulfilling. I soon landed a receptionist role at Haugland’s Patchogue, Long Island office. Now, 8 years later, I’ve worked my way up to the role of Maintenance Coordinator for Haugland’s national fleet, responsible for over 2,500 vehicles and pieces of equipment.

As a woman in a field that’s predominantly male, at first, it was a lot of listening, observing, and asking questions. Soon after the learning curve, I blended right in, becoming well-versed and offering my input and opinion on how to make Haugland Group’s operations run more smoothly and efficiently. It’s rewarding to get feedback and support from my coworkers and the maintenance team. It makes me better at what I do.

My responsibilities involve assessing our fleet’s vehicles, including scheduling maintenance, New York State inspections, and electrical testing for our boom and bucket trucks. Coordinating with teams from our regional offices demands detailed paperwork management on my part. It’s a motivating and engaging work environment that I love being a part of.

Every day presents fresh challenges, and I value the impact I have in my role. For those contemplating a similar career path, I suggest staying open to learning, staying flexible, and seeking guidance when necessary. Stepping out of your comfort zone is sometimes key to gaining the knowledge needed for success.