Michael Murillo joined Haugland Group in 2005, and brings more than fifteen years of experience providing logistical operations support; overseeing the acquisition, maintenance, storage and deployment of company assets. He manages more than 3,000 pieces of equipment that support Haugland Group’s diverse portfolio of work, and oversees multiple departments which collectively support the field operations of all Haugland Group companies. In addition to his logistical support, Mr. Murillo also oversees the operations and maintenance aspects of asset management for the organization’s extensive real estate portfolio; of which properties are both self-occupied and investment properties located across multiple states.

Mr. Murillo and his team have coordinated the logistics and execution plans for all of Haugland’s emergency response deployment efforts, which include overcoming logistical hurdles of transporting more than 600 pieces of equipment to the U.S. Virgin Islands following Hurricanes Irma and Maria; supporting the construction of a temporary COVID alternative care facility which was built in 21 days from receipt of its notice to proceed; and responding within moments of receiving the call to response to several natural disaster relief efforts across several states. In addition to locating and transporting all equipment, Mr. Murillo’s team is often tasked with securing temporary housing for hundreds of team members while they execute the work.

Mr. Murillo previously held several positions of increasing responsibility throughout Haugland Group’s operations. Prior to joining Haugland Group, Mr. Murillo was an Equipment Acquisition Manager with another Haugland-owned construction firm. Mr. Murillo has additionally served his family-owned business throughout his career, LI Mobile Homes, which for over 40 years has specifically specialized in providing emergency temporary housing.