For the past 37 years, I have been a proud member of IBEW Local 25. My interest in the electrical field began during high school when I enrolled in a hands-on course. The outdoor work environment was particularly appealing to me. Although I pursued a major in electrical technology at a community college, I eventually left before completion. Driven by a desire to earn a decent living, and with my father being an electrician, he encouraged me to join the union. Subsequently, I enrolled in an apprenticeship program, and since then, I have spent the majority of my 37-year career working outside, enjoying the hands-on aspect of my trade.

I’ve been employed by companies affiliated with Haugland Group for approximately 15 years. The company’s strong customer-centric approach is amazing. The company has provided me with an opportunity to excel in my role, working on diverse projects such as hydrogen fuel cells and the latest offshore wind technology. It feels good to see how technology is advancing and becoming more accessible, and to be at the forefront of this evolution as a Haugland employee.

I find great enthusiasm in the physical aspect of our business; it’s a genuine passion of mine. I take pride in waking up early, dressing appropriately for the weather, arriving promptly at each location and being available on-site. Even as a young man, I recognized the responsibility that comes with this work, but I also knew that it was a field I wanted to pursue. Interestingly, at a young age, my father instilled in me the importance of a well-paying union job, and for 37 years, I have been able to provide the same for my family.

I strongly advise young people to consider joining the union through an apprenticeship. Doing so would fulfill both the educational and vocational requirements, ultimately leading to full union wages and benefits. It’s an exciting opportunity for young people to work within the various local communities in which Haugland operates its business.