I’ve always been passionate about airspace and flying. When I was younger, I enjoyed building things, and my dream job was to become a pilot. In college, while I thought about becoming an Aeronautical Engineer or a Civil Engineer, I ended up getting a degree in Engineering and Management. It was in my senior year that I built my first drone, which led me to becoming the owner of a small drone services company that worked with engineering firms and government agencies on their infrastructure inspections.

Professional growth is very important to me, and Haugland Group supports that in many ways. Currently, I’m the Director of our Drone Services and B.I.M. (Building Information Modeling) departments. I work with AutoCAD, survey data and map creation, in one of the fastest growing departments in the company, offering me challenges every day that keep me growing and learning. We’re very forward thinking, with my department supporting all our affiliate companies. We gather useful data – dissecting and transforming it, and then providing it to our project managers and other company stakeholders, who will then make the correct decisions to move a project forward. My personal growth benefits from all of this as the company encourages us to pursue the latest and greatest technology.

Each day I love the opportunities that are presented to me. I look forward to coming to work and going out into the field. The airports are the most challenging to fly a drone but also the most exciting. I’m proud of our strict standards regarding maintenance and, that I added a lot more in-depth structure to our drone program.

My job requires me to have confidence in myself, my skillsets, and my teammates. I’m a coach, so it’s personally rewarding to see my team growing. During our weekly meetings I let them know what our vision is for our department and what goals need to be met. I coach them on tenacity and grit – I encourage them to be determined to move forward and have a passion for their long-term goals. And, be exposed to many things that can advance their career.