My career began at NYU Langone as an Operations Manager. There I had to create a comprehensive safety program applicable to construction and hospital personnel. After creating that safety program, I was intrigued by the safety aspect of construction.

With this newfound passion I transitioned to the role of safety employee at a NYC based construction company. During this time that my path crossed with Haugland Group, where an exciting opportunity awaited. My role here at Haugland as a Safety Manager involves safeguarding individuals, ensuring they return home unscathed. Safety is the upmost priority; our safety department is renowned throughout the industry.

It’s a great feeling to work at a company where a culture of safety is a priority, instilled from the top executives down to each worksite. Even though I did not attend college, I’ve been able to have a meaningful career I am passionate about. My time at Haugland has been furthered by continuing education opportunities and training initiatives. These programs keep us up to date with the latest regulations and guidelines, reaffirming our commitment to upholding safety in all its facets.