I’m a Computer Aided Drafting – CAD Specialist for Grace Industries. This means I use specialized software that allows me to take drawings and sketches that are created by our field crews and develop them into digital technical drawings, blueprints, or other schematics.

After receiving my associate degree in business management, I got a job for a life insurance company. I absolutely hated the sales part of it. Soon after, I ended up becoming an administrative assistant for a land surveying firm. The company owner saw my potential and felt I was limiting myself. So, with those words of encouragement I went back to school, got trained, received my certification, and became a CAD specialist. After that I was out in the field working on residential to major civil infrastructure projects. And that led me to Haugland Group.

As a mom of two young girls who works full-time, sometimes it can be challenging to manage and balance everything that life brings. However, I’ve found a way to balance my work commitments with my family responsibilities. If my girls need me, I make sure to be there for them without hesitation – knowing that Haugland Group’s values align with that mentality.

My advice to a woman trying to get into the surveying field is, don’t fear taking chances. Do not listen to that that voice in your head who tells you you’re not smart enough or you’re not good enough. You can do anything you set your mind to. Just hone in and focus and remember that you’re doing this for you and the people who are behind you.