Haugland Energy crews responded to a storm call in South Portland, Maine mid-October, 2019. The community was so grateful for our crews’ efforts, that they showed their appreciation for their diligence with pizza and sent thank you notes:

“A storm on October 16th devastated our little Willard Beach neighborhood in South Portland, Maine. On the morning of October 17th an amazing group arrived from Melville, NY. They worked till after dark that day and returned very early on Friday morning and again worked until well after dark, only to return again on Saturday to complete the work.

I want to once again say Thank You to all that were here. They kindly answered all of our questions and worked tirelessly without complaint. This was a hard-working and truly professional group. We appreciate the help we were given during that time.”

Thank you to the members of the South Portland community for your kindness toward our crews!