South Fork Wind this week marked the successful, on-schedule completion of the project’s onshore export cable system. Crews have demobilized all equipment from the project’s cable route and completed restoration, including “edge to edge” repaving of the Town roads and reseeding of the grassy shoulders.

“Haugland Group is proud to have participated in South Fork Wind – our most symbolic renewable energy project to date – powering New York State and built by New Yorkers,” said Billy Haugland II, Chief Executive Officer of Haugland Group. “Through the bold vision and alignment of Ørsted and Eversource, the team at Haugland Group was able to successfully build and execute the South Fork Wind interconnect and substation reliably and efficiently through the use of skilled union labor. Made possible by the commitment from New York State toward decarbonization, South Fork Wind will now serve as a model for the emerging offshore wind industry – advancing renewable energy, introducing a world of career opportunities, and stimulating our local and regional economies.”