While we were restoring power in Miami Dade County, a local resident saw our Haugland Energy crews working and approached them for assistance. Following their interaction, we received this heartwarming note:

On Friday, September 15, 2017 I was driving in my 88 year old father’s neighborhood searching for information on service restoration for his home. Since Hurricane IRMA brushed through Miami Dade County, my father was without power. Being an older citizen, he was not handling the heat well. He was dehydrated and felt faint. I was worried about him. The City was in complete chaos. I had the fortune of running into these two fine gentlemen about two blocks from my dad’s home. Immediately upon my approach, they responded with genuine concern for my situation. They were cordial, patient, courteous and attentive to my concerns. They stated they would quickly review his situation to see if it was something they could assist with. I got in my car and they followed me around the block. Their efficiency was remarkable. Within minutes, they surveyed the area and knew exactly what the issue was. They proceeded to repair the transformer wires and climb up the pole to make the necessary repairs. My father had tears in his eyes, and his gratitude for these fine men humbled all of us. Once the power was restored, we begged them for their information so that we could tell their superiors that these are the most effective and efficient linemen ever. They are extremely skilled, and above all, they possess excellent customer service skills. While others would have been bothered by a pesty customer, these gentlemen listened and went the extra mile. I wish every contractor would be a portion of what these Haugland Energy employees are – dedicated and efficient. Please ensure they are rewarded for their excellent work. You are fortunate to have them on your team! They represent Haugland in a remarkable way!”

Mariela A.