Haugland Group has acquired a waterfront property located in Tomkins Cove, New York. This 60-acre, intermodal site is situated on the Hudson River, approximately 35 nautical miles north of New York Harbor and 90 nautical miles south of Albany. This ice-free port facilitates year-round operations, and can accommodate deep-draft vessels with a channel of 33ft. and 139ft. air draft. The acquisition expands its marine terminal and transport divisions, while furthering Haugland Group’s continued commitment to increasing its execution capabilities to be a leading contractor to support the implementation of New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA).

The port is well positioned to support New York’s burgeoning premier renewable projects in both offshore wind and grid expansion and upgrades, as well as in the decommissioning of the Indian Point Nuclear Plant across the river. In addition to its potential uses on large renewable projects utilizing its multi-acre laydown areas, deep water ship and barge facilities, and future rebuilt on-site rail siding, preliminary research is underway to take advantage of the remaining interconnection infrastructure from the 320MW Coal Plant that originally was located on the site to build a large battery energy storage system.

Throughout Haugland Group’s industry tenure spanning beyond three decades, the organization continues to analyze the evolving energy landscape, and plans to participate in New York’s transition to zero carbon generation by 2040. The organization had an integral role in constructing the first offshore wind farm built in the United States, and in addition to its investment in the Tomkins Cove facility, has built a dedicated team of offshore wind professionals. Its field capabilities range from offshore tower teams performing energy terminations, to constructing offshore and onshore substations, to directional drilling and pulling cable onshore and transitioning to onshore. Additionally, through the organization’s ability to assist developers and owners with training programs, routing assistance and estimating services, Haugland Group is equipped and energized to make offshore wind a reality in New York.

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