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Portrait of Michael Murillo

Michael Murillo

Vice President

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Michael Murillo joined the Haugland Group in 2005 and brings more than ten years of experience in overseeing the acquisition, maintenance, storage and deployment of the company's extensive assets, including more than 1,000 pieces of equipment that support the Haugland Group's diverse portfolio of work. He manages multiple departments, which collectively support the field operations of all of the Haugland Group companies. Mr. Murillo’s purview also includes an extensive real estate portfolio, which are both self-occupied and investment properties located across multiple states.

Mr. Murillo previously held positions in each of the departments that he now oversees. His management style, commitment, innovative thinking, frequent communication and other versatile talents ensure success on any project.

Before joining the Haugland Group, Mr. Murillo was an Equipment Acquisition Manager at Hawkeye, a prior business founded by William Haugland. Mr. Murillo has served his family-owned business, Long Island Mobile, in addition to working in the marine industry.