Haugland Energy Group’s Director of Underground Transmission, Brian Kalwicz calls the TSE-UP 800’s hydraulic system “state-of-the-art”. He explains, “It’s designed to protect HPFF cable from pressures that exceed recommended criteria – pressures that could be damaging. Its robust data capture system keeps a record of the tensions placed on the cable throughout the entire installation process, providing clear documentation trail for clients and the peace of mind that the installation was performed properly, fully safeguarding the investment.” TSE Model UP-800 standard features include catwalks, elevated operator platform with seat, diesel engine and a custom tool box.

Our TSE Model UP-800 Underground Cable Puller has cutting edge features, including infinite speed control, precise tension and distance monitoring. The 30 inch bullwheels with six grooves are powered by a hydrostatic drive, with a variable displacement axial piston pump and a two-speed hydraulic motor. The rope storage drum is synchronized automatically with the bullwheels in both pulling and payout operation. An automatic levelwind provides even winding of the pulling rope onto the storage drum. The levelwind automatically traverses as the drum turns. A swiveling rear fairlead sheave guides the pulling rope into the machine, and a load cell for measuring the linepull accurately.

In the high linepull range, the unit has a continuous linepull of 80,000 pounds at a speed of 25 fpm. In the high speed range with low tension, the unit has a maximum speed of 100 fpm. At either speed range, the linespeed is infinitely variable from 0 to maximum. The variable speed control provides inching capability throughout all linepull settings. A dynamometer gauge is included, calibrated in pounds of linepull, with an adjustable overload cut-off that will automatically stop the pull if the preset maximum line pull is reached. A digital distance counter reads the footage of the pulling rope, in either pulling or payout and the pulling speed.

The capabilities of any piece of equipment, no matter how advanced, must be matched by the skills of the team operating it. At Haugland Energy, our underground transmission team averages more than 25 years of industry experience, and we have a history of successful projects and solid relationships with some of the largest utility companies in America.

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