Fiber Optic Cabling & Cell Towers

Fiber Optic Cabling & Cell Towers

At the Haugland Group, our managers understand the needs of governments and municipalities as well as those of residents, and have the ability to balance both to keep projects on track and on budget. Experts at both long-haul and in-town installations, we deliver robust Internet and telephone services to even the most remote areas.

Communication technology is evolving at lightning speed. At Haugland Energy, we are not only keeping pace with that evolution, we're driving it. We provide engineering, design, construction, and maintenance services for wireline communications, including cell tower construction, broadband fiber optic cable installation, and wireline construction and emergency maintenance services across the Northeast.  By combining cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, skilled professionals, and an unfailing commitment to safety, we ensure that our customers are able to meet their customers' communication needs with the highest levels of quality and reliability. With over 30 years of experience in all fields of the fiber industry, The Haugland Energy fiber group services’ include, but are not limited to:

Cable Installation:

  • Single Mode/Multi Mode Overhead cable
  • Single Mode/Multi Mode Underground cable
  • Inside Plant Single Mode/Multi Mode Armored Cable
  • Inside Plant Plenum Cable and Coraflex install
  • Inside Plant Conduit installs

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing:

  • Single Mode, Multi-Mode, Dispersion Shifted, Long Range and OPGW cables
  • Loose tube and Ribbon splicing
  • Experience with any size cable from a 6 fiber to an 864 fiber optic cable

Outside Plant Underground Installation:

  • Certified and experienced in long range cable pulls through underground systems. (Manhole safety)
  • Trenching and Restoration of Conduit installs
  • Conduit Fault locating
  • Locating buried pull boxes and assist points

Testing Fiber Optic Cable:

  • Well experienced in Single Mode and Multi-Mode testing with OTDR, Power Meters, Light Loss, and OFI 
  • Troubleshooting and detecting damaged cable and high loss points

Design and Build:

  • Design and Build fiber optic back bone for school districts, power plants, office buildings, commercial customers

Emergency Response/Storm Restoration:

  • Our staff is on call 24/7 to restore cable outages caused by storms, accidents, weather, and all other reasons

Quality Assured

  • Providing reliable, scalable and cost-effective solutions designed to meet consumer demand today and in the future
  • Supplying site acquisition, construction and cell tower maintenance services 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Offering ongoing support the region’s most advanced fiber optic and copper networks


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